Tech Transformation Series

No matter where you are in the process or what role you play, technology transformation can be complex and challenging to navigate.

Kicking off in early September, join us as we host this 7-part series to share legal and practical insights to help you succeed on your transformation journey.

9 September 2020 | Commercial & Contractual Considerations

Join Simon Martin and Andrew Dentice as they share their insights on how to lock in the benefits you’re dreaming about, manage the risks that keep you awake at night, and achieve win/win outcomes – from both the supplier’s and customer’s perspective.

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16 September 2020 | A Practical Guide to Tech Transformation

Join Ed Lim and Lisa Paz as they share their first-hand insights on HGM's own technology transformation, including why prioritising the user experience and cybersecurity were key criteria in delivering a successful outcome.

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23 September 2020 | In-house Counsel Unite!

Join Andrew Dentice, Sonya Hill and Lisa Paz together with leading in-house practitioners, Sarah White (Xero), Julian Benefield (Foodstuffs) and Michael Brick (Microsoft) for a panel discussion where they will be discussing tips and strategies from the trenches of tech transformation.

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7 October 2020 | Data & Privacy Considerations

Where tech transformation is critical for business continuity and has to be done quickly, how do you ensure that data privacy isn't compromised?

Join Anchali Anandanayagam and Sarah Pearce as they share their insights on Data & Privacy Considerations for tech transformations.


14 October 2020 | Tech Joint Ventures

What form should the joint venture take? How will you work with someone new? Do you need vesting rights, anti-dilution mechanism, tags and drags, or event restraints of trade? Do you have an exit plan?

Join Andrew Nicoll and Sarah-Jane Lawson as they talk through the considerations for Tech Joint Ventures. 


20 October 2020 | Branding & Licensing for eCommerce Models

Selling online can open up a world of opportunity, but it needs to be done right. How do you protect your brand and IP in an e-commerce environment? What are the other legal challenges with this model?

Join Jason Rudkin-Binks and Rachel Dunning as they share their insights.


21 October 2020 | Tech Disputes

Technology has become a critical part of every business. When it works well it can deliver incredible efficiencies. However there are plenty of technology projects that make headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Join Tim Mahood & Simon Martin as they discuss common issues that arise in contracts, the way contracts are run and how to manage the issues before a dispute arises.


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