Tech Transformation Series | Commercial & Contractual Considerations

What are the considerations in relation to the project methodology i.e. agile versus waterfall? What type of implementation is it, configured or customised? We need to integrate with existing systems, what do we need to consider?

Looking at the key stages within tech transformation projects, this session, Simon Martin and Andrew Dentice shared their insights on how to lock in the benefits you’re dreaming about, manage the risks that keep you awake at night, and achieve win/win outcomes – from both the supplier’s and customer’s perspective.

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About the series

No matter where you are in the process or what role you play, technology transformation can be complex and challenging to navigate. Over the course of this 7-part series we aim to share legal and practical insights to help you succeed on your transformation journey.

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A Practical Guide to Tech Transformation | 16 September

Join Ed Lim and Lisa Paz as they share their first-hand insights on HGM's own technology transformation, including why prioritising the user experience and cyber security were key criteria in delivering a successful outcome.

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