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Business isn’t a strategy of chance. It’s about taking calculated risks, risks that make a difference. It’s our job to know what you have got and how to leverage it.

Hudson Gavin Martin help you establish intellectual property, exploit intellectual property and secure the appropriate rights to intellectual property.

We help find where the value is by understanding the opportunities presented by that intellectual property and how it could be part of your business.

Because it’s what the idea is, and how it fits that matters.

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19 Jan

Our News

Sending faxes to Hudson Gavin Martin

Due to an external technical issue we are currently unable to receive faxes at +64 9 308 7301. Our external service provider is trying to resolve the issue as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you would like to send us a document, please scan and email the document to or to the email […]

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20 Nov

Mark Gavin
Tom Turton
Intellectual Property

The risks of using a descriptive name for your business

The recent High Court decision in The Co-operative Bank Limited v Anderson, Blair and Clouston as trustees of The New Zealand Association of Credit Unions reminds us of some of the risks in choosing a descriptive name for your business.

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17 Oct

Edwin Lim

Eyemobi wins 2014 KiwiGameStarter award

Joe Chang and his team at Eyemobi, the creator of the procedurally generated action horror game, Phantasmal, is the winner of the 2014 KiwiGameStarter award, New Zealand’s first and only startup award for interactive games businesses. The KiwiGameStarter was launched by the New Zealand Game Developers Association and Hudson Gavin Martin is proud to be one of the sponsors of the award. […]

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