August 10, 2020

AI - participating in the global conversation

As part of Techweek 2020, Matt Ensor, Beca AI, Steve O’Donnell, IBM and I featured on Techweek TV for a panel discussion on 'Creating Responsible AI for Citizens'. On the issue of who is best placed to determine appropriate uses of AI, we discussed the role of state in ensuring that AI applications have the proper oversight and are regulated to avoid unintended consequences. But regulating AI is not a simple task. And it’s made even more complex as AI is not bound by geography.

In looking at regulating AI at a national level, it is critical that we also have global conversations to ensure there are common and shared expectations on the development and use of AI. That’s why it’s encouraging to see the New Zealand Government partnering with the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution on what is described as a “multi-stakeholder, evidence based policy project” to develop government frameworks for regulating AI. Check out the link below for the full white paper.

Although New Zealand has a number of AI related initiatives led by industry, the Government has not yet developed an overarching AI strategy. The ideas and methods that come out of the New Zealand project will be developed into guidelines and frameworks that can be used by governments around the world in regulating the use of AI. This project will help New Zealand to take the conversations we are starting to have at a national level and incorporate a global perspective, with the aim of developing a coherent AI policy for New Zealand.

This article was co-authored with Sam Ennor.

Social media image credit: Josh Hild

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