Change is the law of life

When we set out to create a new style of law practice in 2007, it wasn’t the status quo that inspired us to do it. It was our absolute need for change. Since the first day we stepped out and away from the hierarchy of the traditional firms, the business we established has continued to provide a breath of fresh air for clients across growth industries in New Zealand.


By committing to our clients’ long-term success rather than being driven by our own short-term goals, we’re able to create genuine partnerships. Working beyond the traditional scope, we help them identify opportunities, create new connections and set new standards in their businesses.

At our heart is a driving passion for the power and influence of technology and innovation. We believe we have a unique and unparalleled understanding of these areas, as well as the role they play in contemporary business. Technology and innovation are industry agnostic - they drive all business.  

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