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In 2007, Hudson Gavin Martin was founded on the basis of the old-world focus on the client relationship, combined with a forward thinking specialty in tech, media and IP. The brand was based around a fun play on the three names and the importance of three to today’s culture. 

Fast forward to today, the firm's founding brand of three continues to accent throughout HGM which has become the “go-to” firm for businesses looking for genuine expertise. Our approach, which values long-term relationships over the bottom line, means we act in an advisory role for our clients – we draw on our previous experience to help clients gain sound commercial insights and manage risk across their business.


We work with businesses whose key operating assets or projects have a technology, media or IP focus. Representing clients of all sizes or maturity, from start-ups, scale-ups, SMEs, right through to well-established NZ or global organisations, means we have established ourselves as a leader in the market for technology, media or IP matters.

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