February 22, 2018

Four Square, but not as we know it

Foodstuffs (owners of Four Square, New World and Pak'n Save) has signed up with IMAGR, an Auckland-based software company to trial SMARTCART, an image recognition technology that has the potential to turn a supermarket trip into a whole new experience. SMARTCART recognises products when they hit the shopping trolley, with a link to an on-line payment system. There will be no need for barcode scanning, checkouts - and so no queues. There is also a data-led product suggestion element. Machine learning technology identifies a customer's in-store behaviour, and from there, based on product choices, makes suggestions for recipes and other products, and guides customers around the store.

We are delighted to have helped Foodstuffs agree the SMARTCART deal. If the SMARTCART trial is successful then, given the reach of Foodstuffs' outlets (Four Square, New World, Pak'n Save) it has the potential to create a step-change in the NZ retail environment.

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