November 26, 2019

Hello Alicia...

We’re delighted to welcome on board Alicia Green, our summer clerk for the season (Nov - Feb). Alicia will be spending time with the team to come up to speed with all that is tech, media and IP and see the inner workings of a law firm during her studies.  

Week one done and dusted we checked in with Alicia:

What are you most looking forward to and why?

Putting my studies into practice. After 4 years of study, it’s exciting to see what I have learnt applies in real world situations, and how different legal practice really is compared to what we're taught at uni.

Given our passion for tech, media and IP which area do you find most intriguing and keen to delve deeper?

I find the engagement HGM has with new technology awesome. One thing I’ve picked up during my studies, is that some areas of law can be slow moving - so I'm interested and excited to see how the law is used to adapt to modern tech and issues that it was never intended to manage.

The summer clerk internship can give you a real insight to the inner workings of a firm, what made you choose HGM? 

I chose HGM due to their focus in IP, this was something that I found really interesting in uni and a passion I wanted to investigate further. But after meeting the HGM team, it was the culture and ethos that made the selection easy. I knew that as a summer clerk at HGM, I wouldn’t just be a number, or one of many. I feel like all the team are really interested in wanting to help me learn and engage me in as much as possible during my summer here.

Contact law, Patent Law in Australia and the Business news aside, what are you hoping to achieve in the short space of time?

I’m just wanting to get myself involved and learn as many different things as possible. I really see this opportunity as a learning experience to see how my studies are put into practice and make the long years studying worthwhile!

Time will definitely fly.

Our Summer Clerk application process for 2020 kicks off in March - get in touch if you'd like to know more.

"I really see this opportunity as a learning experience to see how my studies are put into practice and make the long years studying worthwhile."

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Recently a court in Shenzen, China, awarded damages to the tech giant Tencent as a result of a finding of copyright infringement – the work in question was written by Dreamwriter, an automated news-writing system developed by Tencent.

However, as AI applications become more autonomous, and make creative decisions with minimal human input, a question arises as to whether this is the right outcome. 

Our Copyright Act is currently under review and one of the questions MBIE has posed relates to whether the current rules relating to computer generated works are still fit for purpose and whether any changes are required. The first round of submissions are now closed, but watch this space if you would like to keep up to date on where we land on this issue.       

If you have any questions relating to adoption or use of AI technology, please get in touch.

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