September 15, 2019

Hop Skip Jump

Growing up....The end of the year is fast-approaching and this means we'll soon be celebrating another birthday. But before that, we need to move to bigger offices.

Our new address will be: Level 16, 45 Queen Street, Auckland.

It's an exciting time for us but tinged with a little sadness -  this is where we grew up. There's no better time to grab a few words from someone who was there from the beginning, Simon Martin, on the evolution of the firm and its future.

What was your mission back in 2007?

We set up the firm as we saw a need from clients in the market for specialist expertise for technology, media and IP work. With the GFC in full swing , 2007 was an interesting time to start a new business. But it also presented us with a fantastic opportunity as businesses were looking for creative solutions. The founding principles of remaining relevant to our clients and delivering top quality work remain as true today as they did back then.

What have been the highlights?

The fantastic and interesting work we have had the good fortune to be involved with since the start. This positively reflects how our clients believe and trust in our vision and in all that we do.The team - it's humbling the trust that they have placed in us. This is both the terrific people that have joined our team and the opportunity for us to be included as part of our clients' teams .Being relevant - our work in the area and our involvement in the community mean that we are in the position to share practical insights, knowledge and perspectives from and with the industry. We're privileged to open up the network as a connector and have a front row seat on seeing the positive impact this has for our clients and their industry.

What have been some of the challenges and what did you do to overcome them?

Firm size - it can be a blessing and curse. Starting out with 3 partners, 4 lawyers and 3 support staff meant that we had to be incredibly resourceful, nimble but most importantly open and honest with our clients. Despite our growth we still reflect these traits.Being successful can be a challenge though we don't downplay how incredibly lucky we are to work with iconic businesses from NZ and beyond. In our start up stage this proved challenging for me personally in keeping the balance of a growing business but also as a father to a young family away from the office. Again, it comes down to having honest and open discussions with the team and our clients.

Number of years in business


Getting older is a reality. The challenge is to continue to stay appropriately young and excited.

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What does this move signify for you and the partnership?

It's a concrete sign for me that things are changing. We are no longer starting out, we're full steam ahead with an exciting team (clients and colleagues). It also demonstrates both a physical and psychological shift to align Hudson Gavin Martin with who we are as a team now. Our senior team which includes Tim Mahood, Anchali Anandanayagam, Ed Lim, Jason Rudkin-Binks, Andrew Nicoll, Laura Carter, Sarah-Jane Lawson, Andrew Dentice, Caroline Herbert, Sonya Hill and Geniene Koningham all bring a unique set of leadership qualities that resonate throughout the firm. They help to unlock the potential of the great pool of talent, experience and expertise within our team. It's this team that will help us to shape our future.

What does the future hold?

Every day we get to work with such inspirational kiwi and global organisations that fuel and ignite our passion. We view ourselves as problem solvers and immersed in business to really understand the commercial challenges.Our office move and other changes around the firm, highlight a positive shift for the business, but it's still tinged with sadness. There's a certain amount of nostalgia to any place that you've called home for a while. We hosted our last ever 'Friends and Family' event at Commerce St. It was a special one for many of us as it's the last time we'll host one at the office where it all began. If there is ever a moment to remind yourself of time passing at lightning speed it's to look to where your children are at.

It feels like yesterday when my youngest daughter was crawling backwards (because she hadn't mastered forwards) in our offices back in 2007... twelve years on she's putting a 2019 twist on my youth!

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