June 3, 2019

AI Day 2019 Panel - Video

How do we increase awareness of how data is collected, used and shared, and therefore limit the potential for exploitation of the average person? More importantly, whose responsibility is it to ensure this is done?

As a boutique firm, specialising in technology, media and IP law, we know how crucial it is to stay connected to the industry. An event that really is cranking up to be a 'must-attend' is AI Day. This year saw a huge surge of popularity and interest from across business and industry - from major organisations through to the garage-project tech start-ups. This interest demonstrates the progress of the New Zealand tech industry.

It was great to be part of the day, both as panel facilitator on 'Data and Privacy in the Age of AI' and as speaker on the legal challenges posed by AI.

Check out the video in the "View Reference Article" link below, where panel members give their views on ' Data and Privacy in the Age of AI' with esteemed panel members; Jon Duffy (Privacy Commissioner), Frith Tweedie (EY), Kane O'Donnell (Aware), Claire Bonham-Holden (Data Insight) and Rob Hodgson (Ministry of Social Development).

"Organisations have an obligation to how they use our information, it's about transparency." Frith Tweedie, NZ Digital Law Leader, EY

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