April 24, 2017

Squawk Squad gamifies conservation

This month Hudson Gavin Martin sponsored Massey University ecentre's Demo Day. This event saw entrepreneurs presenting exciting business ideas and in return receiving critical feedback, support, connections and input from attendees. The event was a success with many entrepreneurs receiving that crucial early-stage feedback to better their business ventures.

To celebrate the night, Hudson Gavin Martin offered a legal Start-Up package to the winner of the "People's Choice Category". This package included a range of different start-up documents to be tailored for the winner depending on what their business required, to the value of $2000.

The winner was Squawk Squad, a young hardware/software business that works to remotely connect wildlife sanctuary owners with their pest traps. They use modern, self-re-settable traps that can trigger multiple times without needing maintenance. The wildlife sanctuaries receive live updates when the traps activate, saving them a considerable amount of labour time.

Squawk Squad is led by a clever, passionate and enthusiastic team, and Hudson Gavin Martin is very pleased to be able to support them on this exciting business venture.

Native bird conservation could soon be as accessible as a push notification to your phone.

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