Corporate Structuring

Are you thinking about incorporating a company, or perhaps you have already done so?

Have you talked about how you want the company to run?  Who gets to appoint directors?  What happens if the company needs to raise capital?  How does one shareholder exit and sell up?  If an employee shareholder resigns are they able to keep their shares? How are disputes resolved?  

Do you want to know more about sweat equity?  Pre-emptives? Drag-along/tag-along rights? Share vesting? Restraints of trade?

Does your company own and licence IP to third parties?  

We can help with Shareholders’ Agreements, Constitutions, Founder Vesting Agreements and structuring your group to best protect your IP.

If you're a NZ start-up or founder needing more info on corporate structuring or shareholder arrangements, book your free 30-minute session today.  


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