Geniene Koningham

Accountant & Practice Manager

Geniene is both Accountant and Practice Manager. As such, she is involved in almost every aspect of the firm. A wise member of the management team, Geniene has been a true asset since joining the firm. Before working at Hudson Gavin Martin, she worked in the areas of Insolvency and Forensic IT, as well as taking on in-house accounting positions.

From managing supplier relationships to complex reporting and everything in between, it's Geniene's passion for people, systems and process that makes the firm operate seamlessly.  


Chartered Accountant



Hudson Gavin Martin | 2010
McCallum Peterson | 2002 - 2004
PwC | 1998 - 2001
Meltzer Mason Heath | 1995 - 1998
Inland Revenue | 1988 - 1993

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