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We have established a strong reputation for our media and IP work: whether it's film and TV production, visual effects and post production, access agreements, location permit arrangements for filming, brand strategy, registered protections, IP licensing and commercialisation, structuring, partnering etc; or our Dispute Resolution work.

Our clients include high profile and widely renowned Hollywood studios through to local content producers. Newspaper and magazine publishers, subscription news sites, OTT media entities, event managers, sports promoters and recording labels are also clients. We are passionate about this industry, and members of our team are often asked to contribute their experience to events, conferences and forums.

Specialists in this rapidly evolving industry, we have an innate understanding of the media sector because we choose to immerse ourselves in it. Our team is actively involved in the media industry and are board members of, or advisors to, various industry organisations: Women in Film and Television, NZ Tech I and the NZ Game Developers Association.

We help our clients with a broad range of matters including:

  • Digital media and content development
  • Social media platforms
  • Gaming, gamification and trans-media
  • Content production and licensing
  • Talent acquisition and management
  • Advertising standards and copyright
  • Print publications.

What our clients say about us

“They are incredibly knowledgeable but always pragmatic. Their exemplary advice is always timely, concise and to the point.”

“Very considered and detail-oriented. Exceptional client service.”

“HGM’s advice is absolutely on the mark, considered and clear.”

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