IP is paramount

Protect your ideas, protect your business

Intellectual property (IP) law protects more than just an idea. It’s often the very foundation of your business and encompasses the core assets that are integral to who you are, what you do and how you do it.

In a constantly changing commercial landscape businesses are looking for a genuine value add and practical, commercial advice. In the arena of IP creation and commercialisation, it takes bold and confident advice to see solutions not problems. In a globally searchable world, you need to stand out; your brand is perhaps your most important asset. Our IP team have proven multi-faceted experience behind them.

We work best at the outset of a project or business – when our in-house and multi-jurisdictional experience can create the foundation to ensure your future growth. We can help down the track too, if your IP is being threatened – or is being used by others.  

Either way, you will find us practical, bold and proactive – our core driver is how we can best help you achieve your goals.

We are an approved provider of Innovation IP services through Callaghan Innovation, and offer:

  • IP rights protection and strategy, including marketing collateral and labeling reviews, consumer and privacy law
  • IP-related enforcement and dispute resolution
  • IP structures, data protection rights / commercialisation
  • IP-focused projects key to a client’s innovation strategy (e.g. strategic partnerships and joint ventures, acquisition of brands and other IP assets, IP innovation projects).

We are entrusted with the management and protection of an extraordinary group of locally and internationally famous brands. We are truly honoured to be associated with such iconic businesses.

What our clients say about us

"My go-to firm for IP work: very solution-focused and extremely cost-effective, and we always get the right outcome. They’re outstanding.”

“A close-knit team of outstanding individuals, really honed and specialised in their area.”

“We find them to be extremely pragmatic and really business-focused.”

"Their strength is that they are specialised in the area, so they can quickly give relevant and accurate advice."

"‘I like to work with HGM because they understand their area of expertise, are willing to share the benefit of their knowledge in a collaborative way and value our long relationship as more important than last months fees".

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