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Tech underpins all aspects of our personal and working lives. From early beginnings through to today’s Industry 4.0, tech businesses exist to innovate and develop these technology products and services. The use of tech is integral to virtually every business and its operations. Tech can be a powerful asset in helping businesses understand consumer behaviour. It can also unearth how to engage and connect with other organisations in smarter and more efficient ways. 

Used properly, tech is a key business asset. It takes real expertise, right from the start, to unlock all this potential, and at the same time minimise risk.

That’s where our team at Hudson Gavin Martin comes in. Our unmatched depth of expertise allows us to deliver advisory and legal services on a wide range of needs – from major digital transformations for large organisations and software joint ventures between multinationals to supporting indie game developers in releasing their first product.

We help our clients with a broad range of projects:

  • Tech procurement and implementation
  • Network infrastructure projects
  • IoT, AR / VR, AI, blockchain, autonomous vehicles
  • Licensing and commercialisation of tech
  • Cloud computing
  • "As-a-Service' delivery model, including SaaS, IaaS and NaaS, PaaS.
  • Fintech and payments
  • Data related matters: privacy (inc. GDPR), security, cyber-security, analytics, business intelligence and  commercialisation
  • API and integration projects
  • Broadcast tech projects
  • Telecommunications and media regulatory advice
  • Satellite projects
  • Commercialisation infrastructure projects
  • Commercial transactions and arrangements involving a business that has tech assets
  • Tech-related dispute resolution.

What our clients say about us:

“Arguably without peer in New Zealand in terms of the depth of their technical and current ICT experience.”

“They are incredibly knowledgeable but always pragmatic. Their exemplary advice is always timely, concise and to the point.”

“The technical expertise is incredibly high.”

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